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Top Secret! C.I.A. Meat Loaf this Week!

1/11/09: Sausage Loaf
  1. Sources: C.I.A. Encyclopedic Cookbook
  1. Defining moments: First ever meat loaf.
  1. What I learned: How to test the inner temperature of the meat in order to tell if it is done. I also learned that meat loaf doesn't require much prep, but rather, "a lot" of cooking time. So it isn't that hard to do.
  1. How it tasted: The majority liked it and it was my personal favorite meat loaf recipe until Annemarie made a BBQ version last week. You have to do that one again, Annemarie!
  1. How about a 2nd time? The BBQ may overcome the sausage. . . We have to wait and see.

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