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Pie Making for the First Time

2/08/09: Peach Pie and Chicken Nuggets
  • Sources: The pie recipe was an offshoot of the Antoinette Pope and Peaches and Other Juicy Fruits cookbooks. The pie crust and use of bread crumbs came from Pope and the amount of peaches and cornstarch came from Peaches.
  • Defining moments: First pie I made. Now I can stare right into the face of that customer who was shocked to hear that I never made a pie before! :) It was also a big moment for me because I used homemade canned peaches. Yes, those peaches that took forever to wash, boil, peel, quarter, pack, seal, label, and store away. Funny isn't it? How can you like doing something that requires so much work?
  • What I learned: I learned that pie dough is very tricky to handle and requires more liquid (either water or milk) than the recipe calls for. I found this to be true during the winter when it is dry so I will have to wait and see if it changes later when the humidity rises. I also found it to be easier to transport the rolled out dough to the pie dish by rolling it onto the rolling pin like I would do with my Danish Apple Bars.
  • How it tasted: The peach pie was as any red blooded Michiganian would expect: delicious. My youngest sister still talks about it to this day and she wants to have it as her birthday dessert. I guess I will save those canned peaches for June then!
  • How about a 2nd time? June is planned.

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