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Going Against the Grain

12/28/08: Chicken BBQ Pizza from The California Pizza Kitchen
  • Sources: recipezaar.com. See recipe here.
  • Defining moments: Tried an iffy recipe. Yes, when I first came by this recipe I thought it sounded really "extrana" (aka "strange", I'm learning Spanish right now, hehehe), so I kind of was risky that day. Paid off though as you will soon find out!
  • What I learned: Boxed pizza dough is really easy to use. All I had to do is dump the box contents into a bowl, add water, stir, let sit 5 minutes, and that's it. Maybe it was too easy. . . I like to feel like I am doing something.
  • How it tasted: My goodness, everyone flipped over this one! I guess it was a good idea to try something a little bit out of the ordinary.
  • How about a 2nd time? It was liked so much that I made it again in the middle of the week.

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