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Assembly Required

1/25/09: Cheese and Pasta in a Pot
  • Sources: Allrecipes.com
  • Defining moments: Nothing out of the ordinary for me.
  • What I learned: I learned to always have someone around when doing pasta. I, for a second, thought no one was in the next room and I needed to get the pasta out of the pot NOW. I was so grateful my brother came along to help me drain the macaroni! I also learned that it is a whole lot of fun making an assembly line. I had to lay out all my ingredients in order to build up this casserole-type dish. Maybe I should do a lasagna in the future.
  • How it tasted: Very good, it was similar to our Macaroni Italiano. I think the sour cream really made the dish.
  • How about a 2nd time? I would vote for the Macaroni Italiano over this recipe.

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