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Sabbath Supper News

Sabbath Supper News

I learn something new almost every Sunday when I make supper for my family, but in the next few weeks I will be looking at food from a different perspective. It is July now and that means harvest time. I will spending July, August, and part of September picking fruits and veggies instead of using them in the kitchen. So Sabbath Supper blogging will be placed on hold for a little bit. I may pop in every now and then when there is a particular veggie I can't pass up, a recipe I want to share, or if I get a weekday free (I do hope that happens!). So farewell for a little while! :D

Psst! I will not leave the "blogosphere" altogether, I will be posting about my sewing, knitting, and crafting endeavors on my other blog, St. Gemma's Art and Needlework.


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