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To 'Sir'loin with Love

6/24/10: Michael's Grilled Steak Sandwiches with Baked Potatoes

Meal details: The meal this time was steak sandwiches and baked new red potatoes. The steak was first marinated, then broiled, and finally sliced thin. . . Well, as thin as I could do! It was then served on sub rolls and topped with horseradish sauce.

Defining moments: This will be my first experience with cooking steak and first time using a marinating technique. YIKES!

Recipe sources: This is a recipe I found on foodtv.com. It comes from a guest that was on the show, Paula's Best Dishes. His name is Michael Groover.

What I learned: Because I obviously had to decide on a cut of steak I learned a lot about the different cuts that are available. I learned what a tenderloin is, a porterhouse, flank, and the cut we chose: top sirloin. The original recipe called for flank steak, which happens to come from the belly of the cow and is one of the least tender choices of steak there is. Since top sirloin was on sale that week we substituted it for the flank steak. Sirloin, by the way, is cut from the hip section and is divided into top and bottom sirloin. The top is tenderer than the bottom cut.

I also learned how to broil steaks. The recipe said to grill the steak but because a), I didn't want to break out the grill and b), it was raining, I decided to use the oven version of grilling.

One last note here. . . I marinated the steak for three hours before broiling time.

Any modifications? Yes, I used top sirloin steak instead of flank and used granulated garlic instead of fresh.

How did it taste? Let me tell you, I was real nervous about this steak deal! I was biting my nails over the thought of the steak being tough as nails and dry as Death Valley, but my fears subsided quickly as I started cutting the steak. It was easy to slice into and it looked moist. It turned out to be very tender and flavorful and I was one happy camper.

How about a 2nd time? Yes. I may not be a huge steak fan but I love steak sandwiches.






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