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Green with Envy -- Fresh Arugula Salad from My Garden

6/6/10: Pineapple Pork Chops with Arugula Salad with Shaved Parmesan and Balsamic Vinaigrette

Yeah, it has been awhile since my last Sabbath Supper post but at least I'm posting now, right? ;)

Meal details: The star of the meal was the pork chops in a pineapple sauce. Alongside the chops, I served arugula salad with a balsamic based vinaigrette.

Defining moments: First time using an ingredient from my small herb/arugula/spinach/bulb fennel garden! It is also my first time tasting arugula.

Recipe sources: The pineapple pork chop recipe came from allrecipes.com and the arugula salad came from Emeril Lagasse.

What I learned: Having seen arugula so often on Food Network I wanted to give this green a try. It is a very fast grower (it sprouted only three days after sowing), and has a peppery bite to it. Very interesting!

Any modifications? Yes, I made some to the arugula salad. Since I didn't have fresh garlic on hand, I used a couple garlic scapes and blended the vinaigrette in the blender. And I also substituted mozzarella cheese for the parmesan.

How did it taste? The pork chops had good flavor but they weren't as tender as we expected. I am still trying to figure out the perfect way to cook chops so there is still need for experimentation and research. Right now I am thinking that I had the dutch oven temperature too high or maybe I cooked them for too long of period. I'm scratching my head!
The salad was very good, though! I liked the subtle flavor of the garlic scapes and the zip of the vinegar.

How about a 2nd time? I don't think I will try the pineapple recipe again, but I do want to give chops another go. The arugula salad is definitely a winner!

Just a side note. . . These photos weren't taken by my normal photographer (my sister). She was at a ballgame so I had my Papa fill in for her. Thanks for your help, Papa! :D

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