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Canning and Freezing Episode 3 : Asparagus

6/18/10: Freezing Asparagus

Let me set the records straight. . . No, my family does not grow asparagus. There, done with that. Oh, I should also mention that we have tried! We must have tried to grow every fruit and veggie on earth; have to keep things interesting, ya know. ;D

A friend of ours who owns an asparagus farm in Oceana county gave us a large box of them yesterday and so today I pulled out a ton a big pots and got to work.

How to freeze asparagus: I went to my old faithful Ball Book once again and these are the instructions I found:

Select young, tender asparagus with tightly closed tips. Wash thoroughly and sort into sizes. Trim stalks by removing scales with a sharp knife. Cut into even lengths to fit freezer containers. Blanch small spears 1 1/2 minutes, medium spears 2 minutes and large spears 3 minutes. Cool. Drain. Pack asparagus into plastic freezer bags, can-or-freeze jars, plastic freezer boxes or vacuum package. Seal, label and freeze.

That is exactly how I froze them.

Freezing Details: I froze 2 gallon bags of whole spears, 1 quart bag of trimmed spears, and 2 quart bags of chopped asparagus.

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