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Canning and Freezing Episode 2 : Strawberries

6/17/10: Freezing Strawberries

I froze four quarts of strawberries last year and I had them for, guess what, my January birthday! :) I never ever had them at such a time of year so that was real special.

How to freeze strawberries: Last year I froze them following the Ball Blue Book of Preserving instructions. The book included four choices: dry pack, sugar pack, syrup pack, and puree. I decided on doing two quarts with the sugar pack and two quarts with the syrup. When we tasted the berries months later I didn't notice much of a difference between the two. The syrup quarts could have been sweeter but that is all I could detect.

So for this year I went with the sugar pack method. . . It is the easiest one to do and is basically what we do whenever we prepare berries for shortcake or ice cream!

If you want to try freezing your own, I have the Ball instructions here in a previous post of mine.

Freezing Details: I froze two quarts of strawberries.

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