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Many More Suppers to Come

Let me tell you, it is not easy to come back to a blog that has been quiet for months. Not easy at all. There is so much to say but where to begin?

If you have been reading my other blog (St. Gemma's Art and Needlework), you would know that I've been waiting until I bought a computer of my own before I start blogging again. Blogging takes time and you don't always find that when you are borrowing family members' computers! Everyone has been SO generous with it, though! :)

So why am I finally back here at Sabbath Supper? Well, could it be that I bought a computer? Um, yes, that would be right. YAY! I unbelievably bought a laptop! How strange is that?

So now that I have more blogging time I will be posting here regularly, but not in my usual manner. Previously, I've posted about what I did for supper every Sunday. But because I've been given the responsibility of cooking most of the weekly meals--that means both lunch and supper and every day of the week--I will write about particular recipes that deserve a blog mention.

I definitely learned A LOT by doing my Sabbath suppers these past 2 (almost) years, and I hope to learn more cooking skills and recipes in the following months to come. And I mustn't forget that I will be learning another invaluable skill: grocery shopping. I need to keep track of the sales, coupons, and grocery list now. . . Something I've never done before. Yikes! Intimidating, yes, but I'm sure I can get into the swing of things. :)

P.S. Stick around this weekend because I just made something ooey-gooey today that I will be posting about. I've never made them before today so I have lots of notes to jot down.

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