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Peaches & Cream, Butter & Sugar, Bi-Color. . . Let's Just Call It "The Best Ever" Yellow and White Sweet Corn. :)

7/26/09: Our First of the Season Sweet Corn Along Side the Mystery Dish.

Meal details: Sorry I cannot disclose too much information this week because I'm planning on using the "mystery dish" for something very special. I'll tell you the whole story later this month.
However, I can say that I boiled the first pot of our own sweet corn last Sunday and it was superb! My Papa learned from another farm in Canada that they boil their corn for 4 minutes--we have typically done it for 10. Thinking that the sugar may be lost in the water if the corn is boiled for a larger period of time, we decided to follow the 4 minute method. I don't know if this new method resulted in a sweeter corn, but I am sure that it didn't tone it down! Since it takes less time to cook and it doesn't seem to affect the texture or flavor, my family will be boiling our younger sweet corn for 4 minutes and our more mature corn for 10 minutes.

I couldn't leave without posting a couple pictures of my Sunday supper endeavors, so here is a snapshot of the mystery dish:

And the best sweet corn on earth:

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