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7/12/09: Grilled Dinner Sausage, Red Potatoes, and Beets with Steamed Broccoli and Beet Greens

Meal details: Main course, dinner sausage from Schwan's. Reminds me of a brat.
Side dishes, red potatoes and beets that were grilled along side broccoli and beet greens that were steamed and pan fried, respectively.

  • Recipe sources: Didn't follow a recipe this week either.
  • Defining moment: We had some of our own farm grown broccoli! Haven't grown this vegetable for years (I barely can remember it) so this was a mighty big occasion, indeed.
  • What I learned: I learned that beets are not easy to clean and prepare! I'm so glad I worked on cleaning them the day before. I also learned how to do beet greens (I simply placed them in a pot with a bit of water and a slab of butter), steam broccoli, and cook three large links of dinner sausage. The broccoli took about 20 minutes to steam.
  • Any modifications: Didn't have to use a recipe this week.
  • How it tasted: I got good feedback about the broccoli, beets, and I really liked the dinner sausage. We have potatoes almost every week so they are sort of self explanatory. :)
  • How about a 2nd time? Everything except the beet greens I would do again.

Here is the dinner sausage that I first boiled.

Our new Weber grill in its full glory. :)

A close up of the red potatoes that I grilled in a foil package. I place them right on top of the hot coals.

And hail the mighty beets!

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