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They Were Good, Both Inside and Out.

9/13/09: Inside Out Burgers and White Out Sweet Corn

Meal details: Burgers that are stuffed with mushrooms, onions, bacon, and cubes of swiss cheese. We had our White Out sweet corn for a side dish.

Defining moments: First time for making burgers from scratch! And also the first recipe for the Food Network Challenge, hosted by I Blame My Mother blog. Click here to learn more. And finally: my first ever attempt using fresh button mushrooms! (I regularly use canned.)

Recipe sources: Aaron McCargo, Jr. from Food Network who hosts Big Daddy's House. See the recipe here.

What I learned: I learned that it takes about two and a half days to thaw out a frozen package of ground beef. So if I am working with it Sunday afternoon, I would place it in the refrigerator Friday morning. I also learned that mushrooms can be cleaned by rinsing them under a faucet. I heard from chefs on T.V. that they should be only cleaned with a soft brush; never have them touch water or they'll wind up being soggy. But after watching a Good Eats show I learned that the mushrooms, which are very close to being sponges, soak up only 1.5% of their weight. Hardly anything to worry about! I would much rather give them a thorough cleaning, they are grown in manure you know. Lol!

I also discovered that I don't need to make as much filling as the recipe calls for. I really tried to stuff the burgers (maybe too much) in order to use everything up. I think they'll turn out better if I go easier on the filling.

Any modifications? Yes, I made smaller burgers because not everyone in my family has big of appetite as Aaron! His burgers are huge! I used 2.65 pounds of ground beef to make 8 medium sized burgers.

How it tasted? They were the best burgers I ever had! The family liked them immensely.

How about a 2nd time? Yes.

Swiss cheese delightfully oozing out of my first ever burger. Gotta love that!

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  1. These look SO good! The stuffing possibilites are endless :) Thanks for participating in FNCCC. I hope you will join us again!