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Baked Onion Rings--Yes, They Are True!

8/30/09: Onion Rings, French Bread Pizza, and Sugar Pearl Sweet Corn

Meal details: I only made the onion rings from scratch, the pizza was store bought. The onion rings were made with our farm grown onions (I think I used the variety Riverside), potato chips, and they were baked in the oven. Yep, I didn't fry them!

Recipe sources: Onion ring recipe came from the Not Without Salt website. Click here for the recipe.

Defining moments: First attempt to do onion rings!

What I learned: After the sixth onion ring I made the potato chips began to get very heavy and gloppy and they weren't adhering to the rings. I had to finish up the rest using bread crumbs. Next time I do these I will lay out the potato chips on a cookie sheet and drop a number of onion rings on top, then coat all at once. Originally, I was dropping the rings one by one into the potato chip bowl--not the best way to do the job I think.

Any modifications? Yes, I didn't quite understand the timing instructions so I just decided to place the rings in the oven and wait until they were golden brown and crunchy. That took about 8-10 minutes at 450. And after my potato chips began to stop adhering, I moved over to using bread crumbs. They worked out very well and were delicious, too. Good substitute.

How it tasted? Crunchy, salty, oniony... Wonderful in other words! The potato chips really make these special.

How about a 2nd time? Yes.

The photos may not be as good as those provided by the Not Without Salt writer, but I can say the flavors were picture perfect!

And here is the Sugar Pearl sweet corn we had alongside the rings and pizza. Very sweet and tender! This is the first time we grew this variety.

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