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12/13/09: Meatballs in Tomato Sauce with St. Joseph's Day Bread

Sorry for the delay in posting! The past month has been a busy one. :)

Meal details: For the main course I stewed store-bought meatballs in our homemade tomato sauce (includes tomatoes, onions, peppers, etc. straight from my family's farm). Alongside the meatballs I served fresh St. Joseph's Day Bread.

Defining moments: None for this week. I specifically chose these two dishes just because I knew I would be familiar with them! I didn't want to do anything difficult this time because I knew I would be spending a good amount of time baking in the next couple of weeks.

Recipe sources: The meatballs were really a no-brainer--just tomato sauce and meatballs in a pot. :) The St. Joseph's Day Bread is a recipe I've done before and it actually came from a calendar I received last Christmas. You can find the recipe here.

What I learned: Tried to keep it simple so I believe nothing new was learned this time.

Any modifications? No.

How it tasted? Unbelievably good! ;) The bread was warm, moist and just the perfect side for the flavorful meatballs in our sauce. Thanks big sis for pushing me to do St. Joseph's Day Bread again!

How about a 2nd time? Definitely. These two work very well together.

Ah, warm St. Joseph's Day Bread straight from the oven. He had a little splitting problem but it didn't at all effect the flavor!

Don't ya worry, I'll keep up with the posting!

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