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What I Think Would Be The Perfect Cooking Show

If you have Dish Network or DirectTV, odds are you have Food Network. My family first watched the channel when we switched from cable to satellite back in 2001. The first hour of satellite tv I watched consisted of the Eternal Word Television Network and Food Network. :) I believe the first FN (Food Network) show I tuned into was The Best Of, which was about two hosts visiting the best restaurants in the U.S. and neighboring countries that all had a similar theme. The Best Of didn't become my favorite show but the channel certainly included many programs that caught my interest and I am still an avid watcher to this day.

I am bringing up FN because I am a bit disappointed in seeing what they have been neglecting for so many years in their program lineup. And it is this: where is the mention of gardening, farmers, and learning the true basics of cooking? I don't know if I just happen to never tune in at the right time or what, but I've never to this day seen a chef on there tell you how to bake bread, can fruits/vegetables, or really take time out and explain the ingredients being used or thoroughly showing the cooking technique. Almost every time I watch a show I feel like I am getting 80% of the instructions and I usually end up going elsewhere to find the information I need.

I do really enjoy watching what FN has to offer but I would like to see less shows catering to the family who likes to throw parties and entertain and follow up with recipes and information that are directed to a novice chef that is learning the basics. And that includes choosing normal ingredients! I also would like to see a chef going out into the garden or farm field and showing a bit of garden know how.

After having seen all five seasons of The Next Food Network Star, I do hope there will be someone in season six that will bring these two food perspectives to the table! And by the way, I am still sad over not having Jeffrey and Melissa not getting each a show on FN. I like Melissa and all, but I think both deserved the winning title! :)

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