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All Nicely Folded and Crimped - Making Calzones II

4/19/09: Calzones with Pork Sausage for the 2nd time
  • Sources: myrecipes.com. Original recipe is called Sausage and Pepper Calzones and you can find it HERE.
  • Defining moments: First time for a second time. Does that make sense? Let me explain: this would be my first time reusing a recipe that I posted here on my blog. There, that's better. See my first attempt.
Another defining moment: I had the privilege and honor of cooking alongside one of the most talented chefs in the world: my youngest sister.

  • What I learned: I learned that I always seem to pick a cold, windy day for making bread dough! I made it through alright though, the dough seemed to feel snug as a bug in the warm oven where I left it for an hour. Anything else? Well, yes. Since I couldn't find any small can of tomato sauce or pizza sauce to use in the calzone filling, I decided to add some homemade salsa and picante sauce. So I learned that they make great substitutes!
  • How it tasted: I think they were better than my first. . . Well, they look tidier anyway! I had positive feedback from everyone. Calzones must be 'satisfactory' (as my Papa would say) to everyone--they didn't pin me up against a wall when I suggested it!
  • How about another time? Three's a charm, they say. :)
Here I am crimping and forming the calzones:

And here they are all baked up and oozing with goodness:

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